Dreaming of loss and sorrow for relatives and friends, life will be happy.

  Dreaming of joining the sad and worried crowd, can make friends in adversity.

  Dreaming of other relatives shows that the dreamer must have a noble person to help at a critical moment;

  Men dream of male relatives, and dreamers will be respected by others;

  When men dream of female relatives, it means a happy event at home;

  Women dream of male relatives and get into trouble;

  A woman dreams of a female relative, Xiangrui, who will give birth to a boy;

  Dreaming of quarrels with relatives means that the dreamer is sick at home;

  Dreaming of the death of relatives means that the child will start a family and start a business;

  I dreamed of getting along with my cousins ​​in a close family relationship, no disputes, no pain, father and son filial piety, a happy family;

  Dream of your uncle giving you pocket money, the shadow of the robberies is heavy, especially when you go out, pay special attention, once the money is stolen, you can never chase back;

  Dreaming about uncles arguing with their parents, there will be changes in health, pay more attention to diet, if you feel slightly strange, go to the doctor immediately;

  Dreaming that the whole family will come to visit relatives' homes and make friends and get better. An elder will show special concern for you. As long as he is honest and relative, it will definitely help you.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  Rescue relatives and friends, the main task is difficult. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"