Dreaming of racing with many people, you are a stubborn person. Change your personality or your friends will gradually leave you.

  Dreaming that many people bet on horse racing, racing, and regatta. The result in the dream is just the opposite of reality. When dreams accept prizes or bonuses, they will be cheated and lose a lot. The dream of gambling is a precursor to good fortune except for winning or losing, and has nothing to do with actual gambling.

  · Dreaming of racing with many people, it means that your interpersonal relationship has become tense. What you should do now is tolerance and patience, and you must not conflict with others anymore.

  I dreamed that I was riding on a horse with many people, would be racing with many people and would be invited to participate in entertainment activities organized by friends.

  Dreaming of talking to the rider when racing with many people, the race will win first.

  Zhougong Stock Market

  Dreaming of horse racing, the stock market hinted that big changes could be expected. If horses, bicycles, rowing, etc. go to the right, the stock price rises; from right to left, the price will fall.