Dreamed that Xunzi would be rich.

Dreaming of sister-in-law, reputation rises.

Dreaming of the reins holding the mule, will be stubborn and offend friends.

Dreaming of sister-in-law, someone will sue himself. WWW.ZgJM.ORG

Dreamed that there were many mules who could serve in the military or local transportation and supply departments.

Dreaming of the lame carrying goods is a bad omen and can give gifts blindly.

Dreaming of putting a mule on the grass, the dreamer wants a son or relative who can't do anything to take over his class.

Dreaming of a horse, a happy marriage.

Dreaming of a female zebra, rich in wealth.

Dreamed of riding a donkey to get rich luck.

Dreaming of the donkey, will gradually get rid of the predicament.

Dreaming of riding on a donkey, he will soon die.

Dreaming that the donkey was beaten, his social status will be affected in the near future.

Dreamers are forced to leave work.

I dreamed that someone was riding on the donkey naked, and the hands and head of the donkey rider were cut off, and the donkey rider would die.

Dreaming of a loaded donkey, it will become famous and make a fortune.

Dreaming of the donkey bitch, the relatives and friends of the dreamer will try to damage his reputation.

Dreaming that the donkey herd ran out of the city gate, the residents of the city would be protected from the disease. But dreaming that the donkey rushed towards the gate of the city, the residents of the city would suffer.

Dreaming of the donkey's body is a good sign, dreaming of the donkey's body floating in the river or lake.

Dreamers will travel by sea. When a donkey is heard in a dream, the dreamer must exercise caution.

Dreaming of donkeys wearing clothes and shoes, they will be tricked by friends and get into trouble.

Dreaming that the donkey is on the roof platform, the dreamer will break down.

Dreamed of killing donkeys and horses with food and drink.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Kill donkeys and horses with food and drink. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Dreaming of riding a donkey and riding a horse, Ji. The Dream Book of Dunhuang