Dreaming of catching a dragonfly, you will definitely rise.

  Dreaming of catching a dragonfly, his fiancee is a girl with a beautiful face, a healthy body and a good character.

  Unmarried men and women dream of catching dragonflies, and your relationship will be successful if you are brave and active.

  The businessman dreamed of catching the dragonfly. The Lord's recent poor fortunes have weakened his earning power, and the expenditure may use the money to soothe some recent bad moods. Projects involving large amounts of funds need to be more cautious and don't trust credibility guarantees.

  The male dreams of catching the dragonfly flying, indicating that you will attract the attention of many women;

  Women dream of catching dragonflies flying, which means that there will be many males enthusiastically pursuing.

  Dreaming of catching the dragonflies flying in groups, the situation improved and brought more development opportunities, or encountered an excellent opposite sex.

  Dreaming of catching flying dragonflies, meeting the nobles who help themselves with good luck, or marrying a beautiful wife.

  Dreaming that the dragonfly is flying indicates that your recent intuition is keen. If you are a student, you may have good luck with the exam and the questions are accurate.

  Dreaming of catching a dragonfly means that the action that starts early in the morning will affect your good or bad day. No matter how positive you are, it is good for you. And controlling your emotions is also very important in the past two days. Even if you have something in your heart, you must force yourself to switch your emotions so that others do n’t see it or even affect the people around you.