Dreamsmeaning Book dream Munia

Munnia, also known as Javan graze, has been bred by bird feeders. In addition to the original gray text, it has successfully bred white text and red text. At present, new varieties have occurred, blue text and silver text, silver text facts. The upper part is not silver, it is only a very light gray. The color of its body has changed from the gray of the original gray text to light gray, and the original black area has become medium gray.

Dreaming of a bird flying into your arms is a sign of a happy event recently.

To dream of a bird resting on your shoulder or hand means that your lover or spouse will have disaster.

Zhougong Stock Market Dreams of Wenniao

Dreaming of poems frolicking, the stock market implies that the stock market is going to be hot while it is rising, and it will fall in two days. It is advisable to guard or get rid of it, and seek profit while maintaining stability.

Psychological Interpretation of Dreams

Dream interpretation: The bird in the dream symbolizes fantasy, thought, and idea, and these contents must be revealed without restraint. As early as the non-Christian era, people became interested in birds and flying. People used to think that the bird was the conveyer of the soul, and it possessed corresponding magic and supernatural powers.

Psychoanalysis: The bird in the dream expresses human needs, that is, to give objects and creatures other than yourself with human characteristics. A bird in a cage may imply restriction and wisdom. Free flying birds represent longings and desires, and may also represent the mind that has risen to the height of gods. A particularly gorgeous bird feather symbolizes your appearance and expresses the way and attitude of how you see yourself. The flock of birds without direction embodies the confusion of physical or material observation that is opposed to spiritual requirements. Sometimes, birds can represent the female and free side of existence. Gold-winged bird and fire have the same representative meaning, so it symbolizes spiritual longing. The bird flying high above symbolizes spiritual enlightenment or the part of your pursuit of knowledge. In a man's dream, the bird represents animality. In a woman 's dream, the bird represents the spiritual self.

Wenniao: It shows busyness and hard work.

Spiritual symbol: On the spiritual level, the bird in the dream represents the human soul.