Zhou Gong Xie Meng dreamed of turtles

  Dreaming of turtles is a sign of getting rich, and you will get unexpected money.

  Dreamed that hitting turtles with stones, the danger would come from the enemy.

  Dreaming of holding turtles in his hands, he will make friends with fools.

  Dreaming of turtles swimming , all disasters will pass.

  Dreaming of turtles crawling into the house indicates that you will get a fortune or increase your income.

  Dreaming of turtles crawling into the water indicates that you will change to a new work environment or position.

  Dreaming of catching turtles is not good, which indicates that you may encounter disaster.

  Dreaming of drinking turtle soup is also an ominous omen, indicating that your health is declining. Pay attention to rest and tonic.

  Dreaming of a turtle snapping its head into a carapace means that the dreamer or someone around him is protecting himself against aggression. On the other hand, the image of the turtle's head protruding from the shell of the turtle symbolizes the male genitalia, and the movement of indentation symbolizes the timidity or incompetence in sexuality.

  Businessmen dream of turtles, and doing business will go smoothly.

  Men dream of turtles, indicating a prosperous career and good luck.

  A woman dreams of turtles, indicating a noble status and a comfortable life in the future.

  Travelers dream of soft-shelled turtles, indicating that they might stay in a city far from home for a period of time.

  Unmarried men and women dream of turtles, indicating that they may soon marry their loved ones .

  Those who are separated from their loved ones dream about turtles, indicating that they will be reunited.

  Dream Case Study

  Dream Description: Dreamed that there were more than a dozen large turtles in the lotus pond in his hometown. Turtles are covered with moss. I want to catch but can't catch it. When I finally came home, I found one more. Turtles who can understand the art of crickets are gone. I asked grandpa. Grandpa said he didn't know if turtles would be earthworming.

  Dreamland analysis: Dreaming of turtles is a sign of getting rich. If you do business, it indicates that the business is booming. If you're an office worker, you might get a bonus for doing a good job.