Polar bears are the largest terrestrial carnivores in the world, also known as white bears. Polar bears can live in the cold Arctic. In dreams, polar bears often symbolize a strong heart.

  Dreaming of polar bears predating under the ice indicates that they will stand out in the industry by defeating their opponents after extremely hard competition.

  Dreaming of polar bears walking in the snow and ice, they said that they would gain fame and fortune, but they would lose friends.

  Dreaming of a dead polar bear heralded a loneliness.

  The polar bears in the dream come in many colors, indicating that your future life will be warm and happy.

  Dreaming of polar bears in the fields indicates that your income will increase, or your business will be booming, and your profits will be huge.

  Dreaming of a large group of polar bears indicates that you will become rich and rich in the future, and be happy and rich in old age.

  Dreaming of polar bears is a symbol of wealth and heralds good luck and happiness.

  Dreaming that the number of polar bears is growing means that the income they will receive will rise rapidly and everything will be better.