Dreaming of a rat

The rat bites the man’s clothes and asks for it, and the rat master has good deeds.

Cats and mice get rich, and white mice lead the way.

Dream of cow

The scalpers come to the house to be rich and noble, and the horns have blood to dominate the three males.

Whatever you ask for when you have a calf, you can have a happy family together.

The buffalo came to the funeral of the Patriarch, but everything is impossible if the bull touches the people.

The cattle go up the hillside for good luck, and the water buffalo is the ancestor for food.

There is a happy event for riding a bull into the city, and a good event for the bull to go out.

Dreaming of Tiger

There is nothing wrong with riding a tiger, but the tiger roars and wins.

When the tiger enters the house, the official position is heavy, and the camel, tiger and leopard are good at printing.

Dreaming of Rabbit

The group of rabbits came up to get noble officials, and the white rabbits became the owner of good luck.

Dream about dragon

It is noble to ride the dragon to God, and the master of the dragon and snake gains wealth.

The dragon and snake killer is the main murderer, and the dragon and snake have an official to enter the stove.

The dragon is the master of great Jichang, and the dragon and the death master loses the noble position.

After taking the dragon to the mountain, he was humiliated, and the official in the well was humiliated.

Riding the dragon to enter the water is noble, and the longan water seeks everything.

Dream of snake

Snakes follow people to their wives' hearts, and snakes know what is bad.

Snakes come to linger, snakes bite people and get rich.

Snake Gogu Road has a tongue, and Snake Huangbai has official affairs.

The snake turns into a dragon to help the nobles, and the snake enters the arms to give birth to a son.

Snakes around the body give birth to precious sons, while snakes walk around the water and move to glory.

Dreaming of a horse

The horse traveled thousands of miles and was overjoyed, but the horses lost their money and possessions.

Riding a horse is the main culprit, while riding a white horse is the main culprit.

It is fierce to rid the horses and to wash the horses, and to exchange clerical affairs.

Ma Wu had an accident after chasing, and was bitten by a horse.

The horses flee to solve all the evils, and the horses enter the house with adultery.

The sinner went on a desperate situation, and the horse owner was born in the house.

Dream of sheep

The sheep walked by the dolphin, and killed the sheep and beat the sheep to kill the sheep and kill the sheep.

People who ride sheep on the streets get rich, and eat mutton on the streets.

Dreaming of Monkey

The mountain monkey owner has a litigation prison, and the white monkey owner has a position.

Dream of chicken

Ji is the one who eats chickens and ducks, and the owner is Ji who kills the chickens and ducks.

The master of the crowing chicken is the master of the tongue, and the master of the chicken holding the egg is overjoyed.

The chicken is on the tree and the owner gets rich, the hen sings and the woman is happy

Dreaming of a dog

Jackals and vicious dogs have thieves, and dogs barking at people and ghosts to beg for food.

Dreaming about pigs

Pig pigs become official, and kill pigs and pigs kill themselves .

Knife-cutting pork suffers from diseases, while eating pork suffers from diseases.

Those who kill pigs and hogs are auspicious, and pigs and sheep are itchy in their tongues.