Dreaming Rat

The rat bites the clothes and asks that the rat will do good.

The cat and mouse trap owner gets rich, the white mouse leads the passerby to carry.

Dreaming of a cow

The cattle are rich and wealthy, and the horns are the three males.

Cows and calves have everything they want, and they bring joy to the family.

The buffalo came to the house to mourn the funeral.

Cattle go up the hillside and enjoy buffalo as their ancestor.

There is a happy event when riding a bull into the city.

Dreaming of a tiger

The tiger rider did nothing wrong, and the tiger shouted at the master.

The tiger entered the house with an official position, and the camel, tiger, and leopard succeeded.

Dreaming of rabbits

The rabbits came up to be noble officials, and the white rabbits were auspicious.

Dreaming Dragon

Riding a dragon on the Lord is noble, and the dragon snake gets rich.

The dragon snake kills the master fiercely.

The dragon is the gatekeeper of Dajichang, and the dragon dies.

Taking the dragon up the mountain and seeking it, the dragon officer in the well was humiliated.

Take the dragon to enter the water, and the longan water seeks advice.

Dreaming of a snake

The snake went to his wife's heart, and the snake was scared.

Ming went to the snake to provoke him, and the snake bit the owner to make a fortune.

The snake walks through the valley road with a tongue, and the snake yellow and white has official affairs.

Snakes help the Longxing nobles, and the snake enters the arms to give birth to noble sons.

The snake surrounds your son, and the master of the water moves to glory.

Dream horse

Ma Xing was so pleased that Ma Qian lost his money.

Riding horses is happy and blunt, and those riding white horses are sick.

Baptism and release of horses are murderous.

Ma Wu chased the accident and was bitten by the horse.

The group of horses fled, and the horse entered the house.

The sinner was in danger, and the owner gave birth to the horse.

Dreaming of sheep

The sheep walked to the dolphin, killing the sheep and beating the sheep.

Riding a sheep to get rich on the street, eating mutton in Tangshangji.

Dream monkey

The prince of the mountain monkeys has a dispute, and the prince of the white monkeys has a position.

Dream chicken

Chickens and ducks, such as those who eat meat, and those who kill chickens and ducks, are the owners.

The chicken who sings has the official tongue, and the chicken who holds the egg has great joy.

The chicken is rich in the tree, and the hen is happy

Dreaming dog

Jackal dogs have thieves, and dog barks and ghosts come to seek food.

Dream of a pig

The pig hoe changed into official affairs, killing the pig and the pig killed himself.

Knife-cut pork suffers from illness, and pork eats illness.

The pig killer is auspicious, and the pig and sheep are itching.