Dream of water snakes, according to Ji; water for money, snake for the dragon, there are elegant aid.

A pregnant woman dreams of a water snake. According to the sign of birth, the snake is a dragon, and the dragon is a sign of wealth. Water indicates wealth. The dragon will rise in the water and the tiger will leap in the mountains. It is estimated that you will give birth to a dragon. Everything goes well. This is what the book says, if it doesn’t belong, please Haihan.

Dreaming of a water snake biting yourself is a symbol of increased leisure activities. Instead of wandering around in coffee shops and playgrounds, it is better to go outdoors. There must be something good for you.

Candidates dream of a water snake biting themselves, which indicates that the test scores are average.

Dreaming of being bitten by a water snake means good interpersonal relationship. When there is no money; when something needs to be helped by others, a friend will definitely lend a helping hand.

A job seeker dreams of being bitten by a water snake indicates a good fortune in finding a job. Although there are not many opportunities, he has a stronger grasp of opportunities and is expected to get a well-paid position.