Dung beetle is commonly known as shit shell man, mainly feeding on animals and their own feces. In life, we often see shit shell man pushing the feces. That's because they are preparing food, so it's called pushing shit crawling. Shit Shell Man may feel that it is very dirty, but Shit Shell Man is actually called a natural scavenger. If it wasn't Shit Shell Lang, would you have to enter the environment in which the feces and flies are everywhere? The Shit Shell Lang in dreams is also a symbol of both sides. The most symbolizes the filth of the heart.

  Dreaming of dung beetles heralds dangerous things around him.

  Dreaming of dung beetles piled up, the Lord lost his fortune.

  Dream feces shell Lang droves, indicates that he will lose the propertied, mostly for theft.

  Dreaming that Shijiao Lang is collecting feces where he lives, which indicates that he will encounter difficult problems and be careful of being framed and involved in criminal cases.

  Dreaming that Shishirou is pushing away the ball, indicating that the troubles will be resolved.