Dream of a snake head, means ill be poor.

  Looking for workers dreaming of snake heads, the omen job hunting often involves interpersonal issues, and teamwork is still the key to the inspection. Collaborators are more important to you.

  When young people dream of snake heads, they will have good luck in the near future, and respect the opinions of others.

  The migrant workers dream of snake heads, and the Lord will encounter things that make you frustrated and may even become a scapegoat. Emotional irritability, getting nervous with colleagues.

  Dream of playing snake head, indicating that because of their own negligence will be loyal to their own people suspicious.

  Dreaming of cutting a snake's head, stressful, to avoid excessive self-righteousness, easy to disagree with partners or colleagues, you may slow down in everything and keep a good mood

  Dreaming that he cut off the snake head indicates that the dreamer has not encountered any difficulties for the time being. Even if he encounters difficulties, he can solve them all and find a way to overcome them.

  Dreaming that I cut off the snake's head indicates that we can solve all difficulties and find a way to overcome them.

  Dreaming of the blood spewing from the cut off snake head, huge sums of property and rights, a prosperous career, and a sign of rising fame.

  Singles dreamed that the snakehead had the opportunity to travel, it is best to travel with the whole family.