The elk in the dream is a symbol of sex, which means that you are very attractive to the opposite sex, let alone worry about your abilities.

Dreaming of a group of elk indicates that one's life is peaceful and peaceful, auspicious and happy.

To dream of a group of elk being peaceful and smooth is a symbol of good luck.

To dream of an elk in your home indicates that you will be promoted.

To dream of many elk lying together, all conspiracies against oneself will come to no avail.

Dreaming of elk singing indicates that your family is happy and enviable.

A woman dreams of a little elk indicates that she has a desire to return to her youth.

Dreaming of an elk being killed by a hunter may dream of being cheated of money, so beware.

Dreaming that the captured elk is jumping. People who have lost their personal freedom can be released.

To dream of many elk drinking water by the river indicates that the conspiracy against yourself will be frustrated.