The snake represents the male reproductive organs in psychology. Dreaming that a snake enters your body means that your sexual organs are developing and maturing, and the other is that you have physical needs but cannot be satisfied in real life, so you will have such a dream.

Dreaming that a snake enters the body is good for the development and maturation of your reproductive organs, but you can't do it often, it will be very depressing. Find something else to do and divert attention.

To dream of snakes entering the body, do not have psychological pressure. On the contrary, you should be more happy, because your sexual psychology has gradually grown and matured.

Dreaming of a snake getting into your stomach means that your reputation has risen.

A business person dreams that a snake has gotten into his stomach, indicating that your fortune is fluctuating and unsatisfactory.

A case study of dreaming of a snake entering the body

Dream description: I am a chicken , 31 this year, female, unmarried. Last night I dreamed of a big snake (it is very big, it feels like a python ), with some patterns on its body (the body is gray, not gray, green, or green, with flower spots, not very obvious). It was wrapped around my left arm, and it felt that my arm was impervious to blood flow, and it was about to collapse. I don’t know how the snake got into my body. I was so scared that I told my mother to pull it from my anus (half of the tail stayed outside). My mother was dragging the snake and struggling in my body. Fearing it would bite me, I was frightened awake. (I don’t feel pain at all in my dreams, I’m just afraid)

Dream analysis: You prefer the taller and fuller wise opposite sex. In your life, you may have a relationship with the opposite sex of the snake , and you have the urge to start a family. However, you feel that you are not mature enough, and you still need the protection of your mother!