Zhou Gong Xie Meng dreamed of colorful fish

  Dreaming of colorful fish, good luck, indicates that life will be happy.

  Businessmen dream of colorful fish, meaning business will flourish.

  The patient dreamed of colorful fish and his body would soon heal.

  The soldier dreamed that the colorful fish would defeat the enemy.

  Dreamed that the colorful fish was dead and had to endure hunger.

  Dreaming of buying colorful fish will inherit the real estate of relatives.

  I dreamed that someone would send me colorful fish and I would be invited to a wedding.

  Dreamed that the colorful fish endured the pain of lack of water and would be demoted.

  A woman dreams that colorful fish swim in the water, and her movements are restricted by her husband.

  Dreaming of colorful fish to protect you, foreshadows that you will have a fortune and wealth, will meet you to help you, and will be nice to you. (Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams)

  Singles dreaming of colorful fish herald a better fortune in love. If you can pay more attention to each other's mood and give help silently, there will be a good breakthrough in emotion. The relationship between couples is full of tenderness and thoughtfulness, and the world of the two is more beautiful.

  Case Study of Dreaming of Colorful Fish

  Dream description: Dreamed that the main store (clothing store) was being renovated, a pond appeared at the door, and there were many transparent fishes in it. I thought it was good-looking, so I found a bottle to fish and pack it, and then I suddenly saw a long The colorful fish is very beautiful, a bit like a dragon. I like it very much. I said, I want it. Suddenly the fish talks. The fish says I don't want to go with you. Then the fish rushes at me and wants to bring me in. In the fish pond, I stunned it with my backhand. Then I was looking for the big fish in the bottle .

  Dream interpretation: colorful fish symbolizes good luck, in the dream it is unwilling to follow you, and then you forcibly take it away, indicating that this good luck you may not be able to grasp, it will take some effort.