Dreamsmeaning Book dream shrimp

Dreaming of shrimp may represent the hatred of your brother or sister when you were a child. If you also dream of the sea symbolizing your mother , it means that the shrimp has once again awakened the sibling dispute that is lurking in your heart.

Dreaming about shrimp sometimes also represents money. Dreaming about shrimp swimming in the water indicates that your career is progressing smoothly. Although you haven't made a lot of money, there will be small profits.

If you dream of eating cooked and delicious shrimp, it may indicate that you are going through a difficult period of financial constraints, making ends meet, and making a living.

If a pregnant woman dreams of shrimps, it means that you have troubles recently, but your troubles will disappear soon. You must set your mindset and be a good-minded mother. Of course, this dream may also indicate that you will give birth to Lin'er.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book Dreams of Shrimp

Dream shrimp, fierce. This dream is a false image. The main grain is not real, everything is elusive. The person who dreams of green shrimp, the person who mainly belongs to the beard bows and bows; the person who dreams of red shrimp, the person who masters the drinker gets drunk; the person who dreams of the white shrimp, the daughter of the Lord's filial piety. Menglin Xuanjie

Psychological Interpretation of Dreams Dreaming of Shrimp

Dream interpretation: Animals in the dream represent the part of the character that can only be understood by intuition. Animals with cubs are a symbol of motherhood and motherhood. The cub shows that you care about the innocent part of yourself or the children around you. Wounded cubs indicate that you may have noticed difficulties in your maturity or acceptance of life. Dreaming of animals being eaten may symbolize the "devil" you created yourself. Only when you "swallow" them can you conquer them. Animals that resemble gods, talking, daunting, or smart, symbolizing that animals do not know the power of their creation. They do not resist this power, because their wisdom is pure and simple. It is important to notice the tolerance of animals in fairy tales and dreams, because you must establish a connection with this aspect of your own personality. The helpful animal symbolizes how the subconscious mind makes those images of helping others deep in the heart. These animal images make you happy to accept help. Taming a beast or training it to be a useful animal means your instinct to try to suppress and make good use of it. If you dream of finding a place to hide from wild animals, it means that you are instinctively fighting against dangerous and harmful animals in your life. You must think about whether your behavior is appropriate.

Psychoanalysis: If you notice your urgent psychological needs, animals that symbolize these needs will appear in your dreams.

Spiritual symbol: The shrimp in the dream represents difficulty.

Case study of dreaming about shrimp

Dream description: Lobster is delicious and popular. I dreamt that someone gave me a box of small lobsters. These lobsters are all alive, crawling everywhere, so I have to keep picking lobsters back and forth. Later, I simply put them in a pot and boiled them. (Female, 25 years old)

Dream analysis: The lobster in the dream represents difficulty. Dreaming of a live lobster indicates that you are more upset, which means that you will encounter some troubles, and these difficulties will make you deeply annoyed. To dream of enjoying lobster indicates that you have got what you thought you have lost. Dreaming of shrimp swimming in the water indicates that your career is progressing smoothly. Although you can't make a lot of money at present, there is always a small profit.