To dream of killing chickens, ducks and geese indicates that there will be festive banquet guests.

Dreaming of eating chicken, duck and other meat, there will be good things.

A man dreams of geese and ducks traveling together means that you can marry a wise wife or find a caring lover and your wealth can only accumulate slowly. You cannot get rich overnight. Don't fall into the trap of others.

Dreaming of ducks or geese means that you have to be careful about misfortunes out of your mouth, and don't make jokes about others, so as not to arouse their disgust.

Dream chicken duck together is a good thing, indicating the near future there will be money proceeds.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Those who dream of chickens and geese are the master of Daqing. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

Killing chickens, geese and ducks, the master is lucky. Dreamsmeaning Book

Dreaming of the same group of chickens and ducks. Omen of the large number of main animals. Wealth is the sign of the Lord's Day, the poor and the low are the sign of profit, and there is also the sign of peace. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Dreaming of chickens and ducks traveling together, Ji. This dream is a sign of numerous livestock breeding, the rich and the rich dream of this, it is a sign of the new day; the poor and the poor dream of this, it is a sign of happiness, and a sign of peace. Menglin Xuanjie