Chou Gongjie dreamed about cuckoo

  Dreaming of cuckoos is not so poetic, usually it brings life frustration to dreamers.

  Dreaming that cuckoos are crying, indicating that dreamers may lose each other in family life, and they should communicate with each other more so that they know each other better.

  Dreaming that cuckoos are flying, which indicates that the dreamer may have an unpleasant love affair in his emotional life, reminding the dreamer to cherish a good thing and learn to manage a relationship.

  Psychology Interpretation Dreaming Cuckoo

  Dreamland narration: Dreaming of cuckoos, the cuckoo's call foreshadows the arrival of spring, so cuckoos symbolize a new beginning.

  Psychological analysis: Cuckoo's habit of laying eggs in the nests of other birds is reminiscent of "cuckold". The Romans used to call adulterous people "cuckoo".

  Spiritual Symbol: In folklore, the "cuckoo's nest" refers to female genitalia. "Cuckoo" can also mean crazy people. However, dreaming about cuckoos has different meanings from cuckoos in life. It brings frustration to life for dreamers.

  Case Study of Dreaming Cuckoo

  Dream description: When I was a kid, I often heard my mother tell stories about cuckoos, so among the birds, my impression of cuckoos is relatively deep. That dream saw cuckoos flying around. They kept screaming, but I didn't think it sounded like "Cuckoo, Cuckoo". (Female, 30 years old)

  Dream Analysis: Dreaming of cuckoos is not like cuckoos in life, telling people to start farming and sowing, but it brings you life's frustration. Dreaming of cuckoos flying is an indication of unpleasant things like falling in love in your romantic life; dreaming of cuckoos is crying, indicating that you may lose each other's love in your family life.