The badger represents a trustworthy friend, and once you make this kind of friend, he will do his best to help you when you encounter difficulties, indicating that you will help someone unconsciously, and it may be that you don’t know it in the future. If you are in trouble, there will be noble people to help you.

To dream of a badger means that you will see a rainbow after the storm. Usually your own efforts will overcome difficulties and become rich and successful.

To dream of catching a badger, an official is loved by the people, and an ordinary person dreams of family happiness.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dreaming of catching the badger, Kyrgyzstan. Residents dream of this, for the happiness of the people; those of home dream of this, the family is happy; the elderly dream of this, for the sons of man to support the joy of the knees, guests and friends socializing in the happy hall, joy inside and out, laugh far and near, eating and feasting are also auspicious signs. Menglin Xuanjie