獾 represents a trustworthy friend, and once you meet such friends, if you encounter difficulties, he will do his best to help you, indicating that you will unconsciously help a person, and it may be that you do n’t know, in the future If you are in trouble, you will be assisted by a noble person.

Dreaming about 獾, means seeing a rainbow after a storm, usually your own efforts will overcome difficulties, and success is rich.

Dreaming of hand capture, being an official and loved by the people, ordinary people dreamed of family joy.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Meng Shou captures, Ji. Residents dream of this, and joy for all peoples; Residents dream of this, joy for the family; Elderly dreams of this, for the Son of Man to support Chenghuan, friends and friends entertained in the hall of joy, inside and outside rejoice, laugh near and far, and good fortune for eating and drinking. Mysterious Dreams