Dreamsmeaning Book dream tiger towards his lunged

Dreaming that a tiger is throwing at yourself, what you are about to do will be difficult. You may encounter the strongest opponent in the workplace. He is enemies everywhere and makes you hard to cope with. It reminds you to be a low-key person in the future to avoid suffering To the jealousy of others.

Dreaming of a tiger jumping on other animals reminds you that you will be worried about your friend's situation. (From )

Dreaming of a tiger jumping on others indicates that you will have a major car accident , but you can escape from the dead.

Dreaming of shooting tigers indicates that you are about to rise to the sky in one step, your career is thriving, and your success is just around the corner.

To dream of catching a tiger, you must be careful, your friends will treat you as an enemy.

A case study of dreaming that a tiger pounced at oneself

Dream description: Last night I dreamt that I was walking on a big mountain. Suddenly a big tiger ran out of the grass and rushed towards me. I couldn't resist, and then I was frightened awake. What's the solution?

The best dream interpretation: According to my years of experience in dream interpretation, the tiger in the dream generally represents the difficulties in reality, indicating that you have encountered resistance in doing a certain thing; for example, you cannot complete the task given to you by your boss at work; in love and your partner. It is not very harmonious, I feel that the other party does not understand you; in terms of health, the recent physical condition is not good, or I feel that I am suffering from a serious disease, etc., I will dream of a nightmare of "a big tiger rushing at myself".

To dream of being chased by a tiger, the tiger pounces at oneself, indicates that the dreamer will have many difficulties, and at the same time reminds the dreamer not to be difficult, to face the difficulties; dreaming of the tiger chasing others, pounces on others, indicates that the dreamer’s relatives or friends may be Unexpected difficulties will come; dreaming that you are bitten by a tiger means that the dreamer has difficulties and obstacles in work and career, but there will also be new opportunities; dreaming that the tiger will attack himself, but he will fight back. As a result, the tiger was beaten away, or the tiger was killed, which shows that the dreamer's potential strength is very strong and can overcome difficulties.