The sheep is a symbol of good luck in reality. The so-called "Sanyang Kaitai" means that. Although different nations have different interpretations of the meaning of sheep, dreaming of sheep is undoubtedly a good sign.

Dreaming of riding a sheep on the street is a sign that you will get rich. Recently you may sell something and therefore get some money.

Dreaming of ewes and ewes is a sign of great prosperity, and it implies that you and your family will live well and live long.

Dreaming of Aries, this is a hint that there will be ups and downs in the relationship, and the loving two may eventually get rid of each other for some reason. If you want to retain this relationship, the solution is to reduce the chance of meeting. As the saying goes: distance produces beauty, I hope this trick will work for you.

Dreaming of tame goats heralds a good day for the dreamer;

Dreaming of a little lamb indicates that the dreamer will have a happy and happy time;

Dreaming of a herd of goats indicates that the career of the dreamer is expanding and flourishing;

Dreaming that there are several black sheep or grey sheep in the flock, reminding the dreamer to do everything in advance and take care of it.

The man dreamed of the sheep and wanted to get rich.

The woman dreamed of sheep, the husband and wife lived happily, and their heads grew old.

Dreaming of variegated ewe will open the way for wealth.

Dreaming of white ewe is Xiangrui, which will be loved by people.

Dreamed of the ewe barking and her property was threatened.

Dreaming of herds will become decision makers in well-funded enterprises.

Dream of sheep escaping , property may be stolen or robbed.

Dreaming of shearing ewe's hair, will soon inherit the heritage.

Dreaming of beating the ewe will lead to ruin.

Dreaming of jumping from the ewe's back will do harmful things and suffer losses.

Dreamed that the ewe carried the lamb, and the wife gave birth to a boy .

Businessmen dreamed of herds of sheep and could make a lot of money by doing business abroad.

The shepherd dreams of a female herd and her income will decrease.

Dream pig scrapie have tongue.

Dreamed of sheep doing dolphins on foot.

Dreamed of riding a sheep to get rich on the street.

Dreamed that the ewe's life was good.

Dreaming of Aries is a sign of filial obedience.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Being chased by a ram makes it difficult to make friends. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

He who has the sheep has misfortune. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

See sheep, male and female. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

See the lamb, Lord Ji. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

See female goat, offspring. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

The dream steals the sheep to go to prison, and the master is released as a hundred lihou. "Secret Secretary"

Dream live sheep without head, fierce. This dream is a sign of misfortune. Those who have this dream will be troubled and troubled. There will be restlessness in the neighborhood, and indecent assault on marriage. Mysterious Dreams

Dreaming of the Red Sheep, the Lord is noble. "Secret Secretary"

I dreamed of riding a sheep and had slaves; a cloud made a good woman. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dream of riding a sheep, there is a good woman. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dreaming of a sheep, there is a feast of fun. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dreaming of flocks of sheep, Pepsi. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dreaming of flocks of sheep, there is a guest. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dreamed of killing sheep , high office. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

He who dreams of a sheep has a good wife. The Dream Book of Dunhuang

Dream riding sheep. If you have this dream, the Lord is at ease, but travelers should not have this dream. If someone dreams of someone coming on a sheep, the primary male will be expensive. Mysterious Dreams

Dream pull sheep, good luck. This dream is the sign of the coming of a sun. Those who are well-off and wealthy have this dream, and the Lord is born into a noble son. The patient is healed by this dream, the litigant is entitled to the dream of the master, and the vengeful dreamer is to settle the complaint. Mysterious Dreams

Dream pull sheep. This is Yiyanglaifu, the dream of wealth, the birth of your son; the dream of exile, the prosperity of the family. He recovered from his illness, settled the matter, and resolved his anger. "Secret Secretary"

Dream drive sheep on the bridge, Kyrgyzstan. The Lord has n’t (the earthly branch) transported him, he was rich, and he was born and raised. Mysterious Dreams

Dreamers feed sheep, Kyrgyzstan. This dream is a sign of a man, a sign of masculinity. Do things aggressively. If something happens, this dream is a bad omen. Mysterious Dreams

Dream of killing sheep. Those who have this dream have a celebration. Meng Yang's blood tainted his body to get riches; Meng Yang's bloodless owner was so dangerous that he could not ask for what he wanted. Mysterious Dreams

Dream body suddenly turned into a sheep, fierce. Those who have this dream will have things that are true and false. Fake madness is good. Mysterious Dreams

Meng Wanyang, Daji. This dreamer is born of a man and a daughter, and is the image of a herdsman. The man dreams of this, and he will have the honor; the common people dream of this, the Lord is noble. Mysterious Dreams

Dream sheep bear fish, fierce. This dream is rare. It is good for the dreamer to take refuge. This dream has the sign of annihilation, and there will be relatives and friends who break off with you because of something, so you should be cautious. Mysterious Dreams

Dream a sheep under the flower, Kyrgyzstan. This dream is a sign of beauty. But it should be occupied by what it is. Every woman who dreams of a sheep under a flower will have filial sons and daughters will be noble. Mysterious Dreams

Riding a sheep on the street, the Lord gets rich. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Killing sheep and beating sheep is the main disease. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Goats fight , the main thing is slow. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Sheep fight, noble recommendation. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Sheep make dolphins, pedestrians arrive. "Gong Zhou Interpretation of Dreams"

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Animals in dreams represent parts of character that can only be understood intuitively. Animals with cubs are a symbol of motherhood and motherhood. Cubs show that you care about your innocent part or the children around you. Wounded cubs indicate that you may notice difficulties in your maturity or acceptance. Dreaming of animals being eaten may symbolize the "devil" you created, and only when you "eat" them can you conquer them. Animals that resemble fairy, talking, daunting, or clever animals symbolize that animals do not know the power of their own creation. They do not resist this power, because their wisdom is pure and simple. It is important to note the tolerance and tolerance of animals in fairy tales and dreams, because you have to establish a connection with this aspect of yourself. The helpful animal symbolizes how the subconscious creates those helpful images deep inside. These animal figures make you happy to receive help. Taming a beast or training it to be a useful animal shows your instinct to try to suppress and make good use of it. If you dream of finding a place to hide from the beast, you have an instinct to fight against dangerous and harmful animals in your life. You have to think about whether you are acting properly.

Psychoanalysis: If you notice your urgent psychological needs, animals that symbolize these needs appear in your dreams.

Spiritual Symbol: Sheep is closely related to herding. The separation from the flock is clearly indicative of a poor IQ. Personalities related to sheep, such as respect for the gods, passiveness, good temper, and simplicity, may also be important in dreams. If you dream of a sheep and a wolf or a goat at the same time, you should recognize the contradiction between good and evil. The male sheep is a symbol of male fertility and strength. The esoteric significance here is that it is a reformer who guides the soul away from the bottom of prison to see the sun again.

Case Study of Dreaming Sheep

[Dream Example 1]

Description of the dream: In the dream, I came to the beautiful grassland with my classmates, and came to the enthusiastic and generous Mongolian herders. I dreamed that my fellow scholars had raised a lot of sheep, and the lambs were very cute, with white fur and clean. I hold the lamb in my arms and I like it very much. (Female, 21 years old)

Dreamland analysis: Tame sheep foreshadows a good day. Dreaming of a lamb indicates that you will have a happy time. Dreaming of flocks of sheep indicates that your career is expanding and flourishing. If there are a few black or grey sheep in the flock, it reminds you to consider everything and take care of everything.

[Dream Example 2]

Dream description: A migrant worker dreamed of killing a sheep one night. When he was about to be slaughtered, he bought the sheep and saved it. He took the sheep to walk, but the sheep was very disobedient, and he was desperately going round, and was then entangled by the rope that tied it, strangling himself.

Analysis of dreams: dreaming about others killing sheep and killing them will be life-threatening and encounter dangerous things. Dreaming of killing sheep is an ominous sign, implying that dreamers should pay attention to their words and deeds, and don't conflict with others this year, so as not to fall into irrelevant right and wrong, and pay attention to the crisis around them. However, if the sheep died , it might dissipate, but it would be very difficult to cope.