Zhou Gong Jie Meng dreamed of fish in the river or pond

  Dreaming of fish swimming in rivers or ponds, because of being promoted by the higher status, the status is stable, and things work smoothly.

  Dreaming of a small sweetfish swimming in the water, the patient will heal. (Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams )

  Dreaming of swimming with the fish dreamed of disaster.

  Dreaming that there is a fish in the river means that your wealth is different from person to person. Don't pay too much attention to this, otherwise you will be in trouble.

  Unmarried men and women dream that there are fish in the river to signal your love, and there are variables in your fortune. There are many peach blossoms everywhere, but how to distinguish between love and friendship is a headache.

  Married dreams that there are fish everywhere in the river. Be careful to grasp the scale of friendship between the opposite sex, causing unnecessary misunderstanding.

  The man dreamed that fishing in the river might be a disaster.

  The woman dreamed that fishing in the river would depend on a rich husband, live a happy life, and inherit the real estate of relatives.

  Dreaming that someone is fishing in the river, there will be social sensations in the near future.

  Dreaming of a fish struggling by the river means that his work will be constrained everywhere, struggling hard, and it is hard to escape the doom of demotion.

  Dreaming of fish swimming in the pond symbolizes that you will get wealth and power, or that you are in a good mood and situation, and may also indicate that you may have unexpected income or status enhancement.

  Dreaming of catching fish in the river indicates that you will get the wealth you want by your own ability and extraordinary courage.

  Catching fish in your dreams indicates that you will succeed. The bigger the fish caught, the greater the success.

  Zhou Gong dreams of fish in a river or pond

  Dreaming of fish in rivers or ponds, the stock market hints at a circle of weakness.