Dreamsmeaning Book dream eel

To be able to hold the eel tightly in a dream is a good sign; if you let it run away, it means that good luck will slip in front of you, making you frustrated.

The female dreamed of eels swimming around in clear water, indicating that she had a short happy time.

Seeing an eel that has been dead for a long time in your dream symbolizes that you can defeat the enemy. For men and women in love, it means that after various twists and turns, it is hard to enter the wedding hall.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book Dreams of Eels

Dream eel, Ji. This dream is a soft and smooth image. Those who buy concubine, the main skin is plump and greasy, and the main is the child servant. People suffering from tuberculosis dream of this, their disease will heal. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream eating eels and fishes. This dream is not conducive to fame and fame. The sick dream of catching the disease, and the pregnant are more likely to give birth. Those who live in the mountains and forests dream of this, it is a sign of the smiling prince. Menglin Xuanjie

Case study of dreaming about eels

Dream description: Dreaming that the eel keeps chasing me, I put a stick on its head, is it good or not?

Dream analysis: This dream indicates that you will encounter some small troubles, to see if you can overcome it. If you subdued the eel in your dream, it means that the small troubles in real life can be easily solved by you.