Cockroach , implying annoying people or things in life and work.

It may be that your work is trivial and things are very annoying; or your life is under strict supervision by your family and you do not want to be disciplined.

Cockroaches crawling around the house means that your interpersonal relationship is very problematic. This is due to your impetuous heart, anger at every turn, and frequent conflicts with people.

Dreaming of cockroaches means that there are people around you that you hate, and you are trying to get rid of him, but there is nothing you can do. You'd better turn to your good friend to help you figure out a solution, otherwise he will be even more proficient!

Dreaming of many cockroaches surrounding you indicates that you will fight with others recently !

To dream of stepping on cockroaches to death indicates that you will be lucky in the near future!

A pregnant woman dreams of cockroaches, her body is going to be sick!