Dreamed of being picked by a rooster, beware of the villain around him.

  The staff dreamed that they would be framed by villains when they were pecked by cocks.

  The businessman dreamed of being pecked by the rooster, and was careful to be maliciously damaged by the enemy.

  Dreaming of roosters pecking people, this is to remind themselves and their families to be cautious and cautious.

  Single people dream of roosters pecking at people, your romance is good. You have enough self-confidence and strong expression skills, and choosing to confess will have a good ending. Those with a partner often ignore the other half because of their own affairs.

  Case Study of Dreaming of a Pecker

  Netizen Dreamland: I am a male, 46 years old. I live in Jianhu County, Jiangsu Province. My son is 19 years old. He is currently studying in Nanjing. He started school on the twelfth day of the first month. Since then, he has not returned home from school. The next Ching Ming Festival holiday, because he had a classmate to go to play with him, he did not go home this Ching Ming Festival holiday. Tonight I had a strange dream. I dreamed that my son ’s head seemed to be pecked by a big cock. It ’s quite heavy, and it ’s okay to take a closer look later. May I ask the master, what ’s going on? (Gender: Male Occupation: Civil Servant)

  Zhou Gong interprets dreams : dreaming about his son being pecked by a cock, this is to remind your son to be careful about the people around him. Some people who seem to be friends may harm you behind, although the consequences are not serious; but it is still recommended that the dreamer remind his son and take extra precautions to avoid causing unnecessary trouble and harm.