Zhou Gong Xiemeng dreamed about octopus octopus

  Octopus has more tentacles, which symbolize deep inside of you, things or experiences that make you fear but feel unable to get rid of.

  Dreaming that the octopus stretches its tentacles in all directions may indicate that you will get into a lot of trouble in your personal life and work.

  In the dream, the octopus entangles itself, reminding you to beware of falling into an extramarital affair, it is not easy to get out.

  Dreaming of eating octopus means that the trouble that troubles you has passed.

  In addition, according to western psychoanalytic viewpoints, dreaming of animals such as octopus and eel also has a masculine character. The feeling of dreaming about fish , happiness, or extreme resentment may reflect your current subconscious conception of sex.

  Octopus Octopus