Zhou Gong Xie Meng dreamed of hunting down butterflies

  Dreaming of chasing butterflies, she will become entangled with the girl she loves.

  Dreaming of falling down while catching butterflies, meaning to expend energy and material to realize ridiculous dreams.

  Dreaming of the butterfly catching fly away again, suggesting that the girl you love will marry someone else.

  The original Zhou Gong Xie Meng dreamed of hunting down butterflies

  The dream butterfly flew to kill it, Ji. This dreamer has foreign wealth and is a sign of business prosperity. Woe will be resolved, worries will be dispersed, and everything will die. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream slay butterfly. The dream is also a source of wealth, and the business is a sign of prosperity. Woes will be resolved, worries will be dispersed, things will be accomplished, and requests will be obtained. "Secret Secretary"

  Psychology Interpretation Dream Dreaming Hunting Butterfly

  Dream interpretation: The butterfly in the dream symbolizes ease and freedom.

  Psychoanalysis: If you see a butterfly in your dream or you feel like turning into a butterfly, it means that you find yourself unable to set up a business and be incapable of a time-consuming and laborious job.

  Spiritual Symbol: On the spiritual level, butterflies in dreams or meditations symbolize liberated hearts on the one hand, and immortality on the other.

  Case Study of Dreaming of Hunting Butterflies

  Description of the dream: I dreamed that a group of us were playing, and we found that a large butterfly was flying, and we kept chasing. Later, several small butterflies appeared, and finally they stopped on the ground. At first the biggest butterfly fell on me. I wanted to take it down, but found it caught on me deadly. It hurts when I pull it down. Finally, its wings stick directly to the skin on my back waist. Up, but when I finally took it down, I found that it was dead, but the wings were intact.

  Dream analysis: Dreaming of hunting butterflies, the butterflies in your dreams represent your partner, and you ca n’t catch the butterflies in your dreams. You ca n’t catch them forcibly, but the butterflies are dead. It ’s a reminder that you cannot force things , Strong twisted melon is not sweet, and may lead to tragedy.