Fireflies are active at night. Eggs, larvae, and pupae also often emit light. Adults' luminescence has the effect of attracting heterosexuality. Generally, people see fireflies at night. In some ways, fireflies symbolize hope and light in the dark in people's subconscious.

  Dreaming of a firefly flying confusedly in the night sky, predicting that you will encounter trouble in interpersonal relationships. Maybe you have been impatient, impulsive, and angry, and you need to be patient and try to avoid conflict with others.

  Dreaming of fireflies flying freely indicates that they will be handy in life. The cause will be in its own control.

  Dreaming of fireflies flying in groups in a leisurely way, foreshadowing that their relationships will become better.

  Dreaming of fireflies flickering in the dark, foreshadows that although they work very hard, it is difficult to achieve their goals, but hard work can bring themselves close to their goals.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  Dream firefly set like bead lantern, lucky. This dream is a sign of civilization, but a sign of coming. Tomorrow will be a mirror, that is, the inspection. If the patient dreams of this, they must prevent the autumn scene. Mysterious Dreams