In dreams, locusts usually express a willful and perverse temperament deep in their hearts.

Dreaming of locusts is also related to the meaning of absent-mindedness, lack of consideration, negligence, and flattering.

Dreaming of locusts may also warn you not to risk speculation. If the dreamer is a doctor, be especially careful about outbreaks of infectious diseases in your place of residence.

Dreaming of swarms of locusts is unlucky, indicating that you may get infectious diseases, and you must be careful with your diet.

Dreaming that the place where a large swarm of locusts flies will soon lose sight of green, which indicates that infectious diseases will spread quickly, so be careful to take preventive measures.

Dreaming that you killed the locusts indicates that you will not be infected and that you can prevent diseases well.

Dreaming of catching locusts means that you are lucky to buy, and you may be able to buy discounted items in the near future.

To dream of crows eating locusts means that the dreamer will get help from friends in his career or get help from outside to eliminate infectious diseases.

To dream that locusts are eliminated, infectious diseases will be effectively controlled, and life and property will be intact.

A woman dreams of locusts indicates that she will fall in love with a narrow-minded person.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream locusts fly like Chen Yun, Ji. The person who dreams of this will get out of disaster, but will be saved in distress. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream of locusts flying over the water, good luck. This dream owner gets rich and gets rich. The nobles dream of this, for the increase of the sky; the rich dream of this, it is a good year; the poor dream of this, for the good fortune from the evil, and they will survive. The locusts fly in the fields, and the fields will be harmless if they enter the water. Menglin Xuanjie

Dream locusts fly over the water. The Lord is rich. In the dream of the poor, the Lord will come to life from the dead, and get good from the evil. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Dream locusts, prosperous and prosperous children and grandchildren, increase longevity. The principal male is Ronghua, and his family is celebrated. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Dream locusts fly away. In the famine year dreaming of this, the Lord is inexplicable, and he is saved in distress. Secretary of Broken Dreams

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: locusts usually symbolize freedom and perverse temperament in dreams. In addition, because the scene of the locust plague is deeply ingrained in Western thinking, locusts can also express revenge against those who violate the law.

Psychoanalysis: Locusts are generally associated with flattery, absent-mindedness, and lack of consideration. They symbolize that you have no right to decide.

Spiritual symbol: The locust is always related to light and comprehension in Chinese philosophy, so it can express spiritual freedom in dreams. In addition, it can also symbolize the revenge of the gods or the abuse of resources by humans.