A locust usually expresses a wayward and perverse temperament deep in his heart.

  Dreaming of locusts is also related to absent-mindedness, lack of consideration, negligence, and courtesy.

  Dreaming of locusts may also warn you not to take risks. If the person who dreams is a doctor, be particularly careful about outbreaks of infectious diseases in your place of residence.

  Dreaming of large swarms of locusts is not good. It indicates that you may get an infectious disease. Be careful about your diet.

  I dreamed that a large swarm of locusts would fly past and soon see no green, indicating that the infectious disease would spread rapidly. Be careful to take precautionary measures.

  Dreaming that you killed locusts indicates that you will not be infected, and you can prevent diseases well.

  Dreaming of catching locusts means that you bought and shipped, and you may be able to buy discounted items in the near future.

  Dreaming of crows eating locusts means that dreamers will get help from friends in their careers or outside help to eliminate infectious diseases.

  Dreamed that locusts had been eliminated, infectious diseases would be effectively controlled, and life and property would be free.

  The woman dreamed of a locust, foretelling that she would fall in love with a narrow-minded person.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  Meng Locust flies like Chen Yun and Ji. The person who dreamed of this was rescued in distress and rescued in distress. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream locust flew over the water, Daji. This dreamer is rich and rich. Noble people dream of this, increase for Tianlu; rich people dream of this, a good sign of the year; poor people dream of this, for the good of the fierce, never live. The locust flies in the field, and when it enters the water, the field is free. Mysterious Dreams

  Dream locust flying above the water. The Lord is rich and rich. The poor dreamed that the Lord was alive at all times, and that the evil was good. "Secret Secretary"

  Dream locusts, prosperous offspring, and longevity. The main student is Ronghua, and his family is Yanqing. "Secret Secretary"

  The dream locust flew away. The dream of the barren year, the Lord has no solution, and is saved in danger. "Secret Secretary"

  Psychological Dream Interpretation

  Dream interpretation: Locusts usually symbolize free and perverse temperament in their dreams. In addition, because the scene of the locust plague is deeply entrenched in Western thinking, locusts can also show revenge against those who violate the law.

  Psychoanalysis: The locust is generally associated with flattery, absent-mindedness, and lack of consideration. It symbolizes that you have no right to decide.

  Spiritual symbol: The locust is always related to light and understanding in Chinese philosophy, so it can express spiritual freedom in dreams. In addition, it can also symbolize revenge of the gods or human abuse of resources.