To dream of reaching the sky and entering the Moon Palace means that the day of the Lord’s dignity is not far away.

Dreaming of the rising moon indicates that the dreamer's luck is in the ascending phase, and everything goes well;

Dreaming of the sinking moon indicates that the dreamer is a symbol of declining luck. At this time, you should be humble and patient to wait for the good time to come, if you go forward is not good, and retreat;

Dreaming of the moon indicates that everything will go well in the dreamer;

To dream of the moon illuminating the sky in the dark night implies that the dreamer's own abilities and creativity have been improved;

To dream of the moon rising from behind indicates that the dreamer will be fortunate, and when encountering difficulties, he will definitely get the help of his friends;

To dream that the moon rises from a flat line indicates that the dreamer is a symbol of rising wealth, and the days will be rich and abundant, but at the same time remind the dreamer not to be extravagant or wasteful, otherwise the cost will be fast;

Dreaming of the moon going down westward is intended to remind the dreamer to understand and care about each other, and to think about each other more, otherwise a major crisis in love may occur;

To dream of the moon hanging on the treetops, I always feel uneasy. It reminds the dreamer that even if the words and behaviors of relatives and friends can easily make them angry, they should maintain a peaceful mind and there should not be any signs of anger;

Dreaming that the moon is shining on the body indicates that the dreamer’s health is bright, especially for respiratory diseases, such as colds and tonsil inflammation, and reminds the dreamer to pay more attention to physical health;

Dreaming that there is a moon in the sky during the day indicates that bad things may happen to the dreamer, reminding the dreamer not to care too much about the gains and losses of some trivial things, and that life will be very happy;

Dreaming of the moon reflected on the water indicates that it is a symbol of increased leisure activities. Instead of wandering in coffee shops or playgrounds, it is better to go outdoors. There must be good things waiting for you;

To dream of a bright moonlight reminds the dreamer that he should be cautious in his life and everything, and avoid being with others;

To dream of walking on the moon is a symbol of increased intelligence. It indicates that the dreamer's brain will become very clear. If you can calm down and do something seriously, you will succeed and be appreciated.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dreaming to sweep the moon palace, the Lord will benefit from the test. Menglin Xuanjie

Sleepwalking in the moon palace. Tang Xuanzong sleeps in the moon palace, has the heart of obscenity, and because of concubine Yang, he threatens the world. Nowadays, people dream of this, if it is good for good, evil is bad. Menglin Xuanjie