Flying dreams are usually related to the meanings of success, self-confidence, love, escape, and health.

Dreaming that you can fly , usually means that you are now full of energy, happy spirit, positive courage in life, good interpersonal relationships and self-confidence and ability to overcome difficulties, you will be promoted and noticed.

Dreaming that you are flying means that you will be promoted or profitable in business.

Dreaming that you are flying towards the starry sky indicates that you will enter a new realm.

Dreaming that you are soaring in the sky like a bird, looking down at the earth, it shows that you are very fulfilled and proud, but this dream also reminds you not to be too conceited or too ambitious, otherwise it is easy to fall.

If you dream of flying but you ca n’t fly high, it means that in real life things may not be as satisfying as you want, but that ’s because your requirements are too high to be realized. Such dreams also remind you not to expect too much.

If you can only fly to a certain height in your dream, it will be difficult to fly upward. This is a reminder that you will achieve something, but it also reminds you that your ability and level are also limited.

If you dream of falling suddenly while flying, it implies the destruction of your ideal, which will bring you a great blow to your spirit and will affect your life.

In addition, flying dreams sometimes symbolize beautiful love and intoxicating feelings.

For example, dreaming of flying in a mountain forest like a bird, indicates that love has developed rapidly in the near future and will make surprising progress.

The young men and women in love dream of flying with their lovers into the sky, which indicates a happy love and a successful marriage.

The woman dreamed of flying with strangers, suggesting that she might leave her husband or her child to get sick.

But if you feel very nervous and anxious while flying, such a dream reveals the desire to escape from reality.

If you dream that you are flying like a bird, but feel that the hunter ’s muzzle is facing you, it makes you feel very anxious and frightened, indicating that you have a desire to escape reality in your heart, and hope to stay away from the reality that makes you painful, troubled and hurt.

In addition, if you often have dreams of flying, sometimes you feel unwell in your life and have symptoms such as dizziness, tinnitus, or high blood pressure. At this time, flying dreams may also indicate that you have hidden health problems. You may wish to go to the hospital for examination Take a look.

Psychological Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation: Flying is the rise of position, representing the promotion of positions, the improvement of status, the success of exams , etc.

Psychoanalysis: A woman dreaming of flying with a stranger means that she will leave her husband and climb another branch. Fly into the sky with your lover in love, and nine out of ten loves will be successful. Dreaming that you can fly means that you are now full of energy. It also implies that in reality you have the ability and confidence to rule out any difficulties at work, and that your popularity will become better and better. You will be noticed, you will start a new job, or you will work hard. The desire for promotion will come true. Dreaming of flying to the starry sky, it means that it will enter a new realm. If you dream that flying is not high, it means that things in reality are not as good as you think, and you may have a career failure.

Dream Case Study of Flying ( )

[Dream Example 1]

Dream Description: I often dream of flying in the air, dreaming of a person flying freely in the air, quickly flying from one place to another. Sometimes, I suddenly fall from the air, and I'm scared when I fall, but I don't fall on the ground. (Female, 33 years old)

Dreamland analysis: Flying dreams represent emotional aspects. Dreaming that you are flying freely in the sky indicates that your marriage life is not so happy and happy, and there will be some small misunderstandings or frictions between the two in the family life. Dreaming of a sudden fall from the sky while flying suggests that you have something to worry about now. This matter must be handled with caution to avoid future troubles. Dreaming of flying from one city to another, at this time we must guard against the sweet words of love scammers, so as not to be deceived.

[Dream Example 2]

Dream description: A senior in high school often dreamed that he could fly, jumping up and jumping high, but falling very slowly, and doing many moves in the air. Sometimes he jumped to the top of the building in one jump, and he had a good time in his dreams—it seemed to be all night in the dream, it was dark, and there were street lights, just like a crossroad downstairs in his house.

Analysis of dreams: Many people will dream of flying themselves. "Flying" is the common dream of mankind. It originated from ancient ancestors. It can be said that flying is the collective unconsciousness of human beings. The desire for ability. Especially young people, dreaming of flying more often, because young people are more imaginative. Generally speaking, as people grow and their sense of reality increases, the dream of flying will gradually change: from the open arms of childhood to free flight to youthful jumps or immortal walks without touching their feet, to the middle-aged steps solid. But each individual's situation is different, and some people can still fly in their dreams in middle age. Usually this means a lack of realism, but people who have no worries and loose minds can easily dream of flying. Traditional Chinese medicine also believes that “upper prosperity is the dream of flying”, which means that people with vigorous blood and active minds in the upper part of the body can easily dream of flying. Lung disease is about to heal, dinner is full, and sometimes dream of flying. Flying dreams are common dreams.

Jumping to a high place and flying to a distance is an inevitable trend of human self-development. Therefore, this dream symbolizes aspirations, and in reality, there are obstacles that need to be broken. In this dream, the key scene described by the dreamer is "play at the crossroads downstairs" and jump up to the top of the building. The crossroads represent the problems that dreamers need to face and the obstacles to solve. Jumping at a crossroads means using unrealistic methods to surpass and escape when facing a choice. As far as this dream is concerned, not only flying, but also jumping, the height of jumping is difficult for ordinary people to achieve, indicating that dreamers want to make The feat that surprised relatives and friends was fantastic, but I was embarrassed to tell the people around me-so I "jumped" at night and in the neighborhood where I live.

Flying shows that big dreams are also part of personality. The dreamer is a person with big goals, hoping that he can become strong and strong, and have a firm will. But because it is still very young, and perhaps not ready for success, the symbol of ideals—flying, hidden—is only manifested in the night of dreams. This is because deep inside the dreamer, he can't believe his dreams, and he's too afraid to accept and face them. Frequent dreaming of this situation is actually a subconscious reminder in dreams, and is constantly motivating the dreamer. Such a dream is a rare growth driver in life, and dreamers will continue to work under its guidance to eventually achieve their goals in life. It is not difficult to see the dreamer's identity as a junior high school student. This dream is a foretaste of the upcoming college entrance examination. The dreamer will win the exam.