Dreaming of the bitch and the puppies together, friends will bring benefits.

Dreaming of caressing a puppie, time concept will get worse and worse. Sometimes it was hard to catch up with class time, and the teacher was scolded again.

To dream of many puppies will soon find a well-paid job, and life will be prosperous.

A woman dreams of a lot of puppies, she has a good fortune in the near future, and respects the opinions of others to get a good fortune.

Adults dream of many puppies, but they are in poor health and mental state, and may be addicted to drug anesthesia. There is also a chance of self-harm. Take a long-term view.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dreaming of putting a dog in a dream is an emergency or illness. Dunhuang Book of Dreams

Dreaming of a dog indicates joy. Comparable Dream Book

Dreaming of a dog is a happy event. Dunhuang Book of Dreams