Oats is a kind of crop, and the oats in dreams represent beautiful things.

Dreaming of oats indicates that many beautiful things will happen.

Farmers dream of oats, which indicates that their income will increase and their families will be more peaceful.

A man dreams of mature oats indicates that the dreamer has a successful career and a promotion.

Dreaming of rotten oats indicates that good hope will be replaced by sadness.

Dreaming of bad oats indicates that what the dreamer hopes will not happen.

Case study of dreaming about oats

Dream description: In the dream, the train is moving forward fast, my heart has already flown to my hometown long gone, to the small village where I grew up. At this time, I cast my gaze out of the window. Outside the window is a large oat field full of vitality. (Male, 30 years old)

Dream analysis: The dream of oatmeal means that fortune is approaching. Dreaming that you are harvesting oats indicates that your money is about to come. To dream that oats are green, you have to be prepared, and you will have a time of waiting.

Dreaming of oatmeal is a symbol of improved status.

Dreaming of eight-treasure porridge indicates a colorful life.