Dreaming of Brasenia (Jing Cai) indicates that there is a letter from afar.

People who have been wandering for many years dreamed of Brasenia serrata (Jing Cai), indicating that they would like to go home.

The staff members dreamed of Brasenia (Jingcai), modest and cautious, can get the approval of the leader.

Unmarried young men dream of lotus and will marry a graceful woman .

When a girl dreams of brasenia (jingcai), she will become debauched.

A married man dreams of Brasenia (Jing Cai), he will get wealth.

A married woman dreams of a man picking brasenia (jingcai), will give her husband a green hat.

A man who was abandoned by his girlfriend or wife dreamed of picking brasenia in the pond, and the relationship would be restored.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Ulva. For Jiu Ke Mengzhi, the Lord has to return to his hometown, and the Lord has a long way to believe. Secretary of Broken Dreams