Dreamsmeaning Book dream Begonia flower

Dreaming of begonia flowers symbolizes the sentimentality of the parting of men and women.

Dreaming of begonia flowers in the dream of men and women in love indicates that there will be small twists and turns in the relationship.

Married men and women dream of begonia flowers, indicating that the couple will quarrel because of trivial matters.

The begonia in the dream sometimes symbolizes peace and good fortune.

If the patient sees Begonia in his dream, it usually means that the dreamer’s body will recover soon;

If the old man dreams of begonia flowers, it indicates that the dreamer will live a long and safe life;

The girl sees the blooming of crabapples in her dream, which indicates that she will meet a wishful partner.

Those who participated in the work dreamed that crabapple flowers were full of branches, and the work must be carried out smoothly, and greater progress will be made!

Dreaming of begonia flowers for men and women in love indicates poor emotional luck, disputes or ups and downs due to some reasons, and they have to deal with them rationally.

A married person dreams of Begonia flowers indicates that the marriage life is unsatisfactory, and there will be quarrels. Usually, more communication and tolerance are required, and the conflicts can be resolved in time to make the relationship last.

Salaried people dream of begonia flowers, indicating that they will neglect to accompany their family and loved ones for busy work, and will make family members have opinions about you. On the other hand, they are also under great pressure at work. They must pay attention to regulating their emotions. You can talk to a friend when you are going to relax and relax the internal pressure.

A manual worker dreams of begonia flowers indicates that he needs to pay attention to his health, especially the health of his waist. If the body feels unwell, he should take more care. It is necessary to go to the hospital for treatment.

The job seeker dreams of Begonia flowers, indicating that job hunting is not very smooth. Some objective reasons will affect your performance. You need more self-confidence, you can take time to enrich yourself, and you must do what you like. Only this way is successful. The odds will be great.

Dreaming that Begonia blossoms indicates that the fortune is very good, and everything will go well, whether it is work or relationship, you have to fight for it.

Dreaming of flowering crabapples indicates that there have been more troubles recently, and you will not be able to finish your own business. You should have the same time or friends ask you for help. You'd better not take over to avoid affecting the progress of the other party and your own progress. It is also necessary to plan time and work tasks reasonably to avoid affecting the progress due to disorderly sequence.

Dreaming that the crabapple tree is full of flowers indicates that you are full of curiosity about everything. You may as well accept the challenge of some new things, and also think about the measures to deal with it. I believe you will get something.

Those who participated in the work dreamed that crabapple flowers were full of branches, and the work must be carried out smoothly, and greater progress will be made!

Case Analysis of Dreaming of Begonia Flowers

Dream description: The night before the art test, I dreamed that I rejected "Confucianism, Buddhism, Taoism and Buddhism" in my mouth. After that, a door opened and a woman walked over in a bamboo pavilion filled with pink begonia flowers. I have a bunch of pink begonia flowers. (Before that, I never knew what a Begonia flower is, let alone I have seen it.) Later, I checked the pictures on the Internet and I was shocked. One of the Begonia flowers turned out to be the one I had seen in my dream. Kind of, what's the meaning of this?

Dream analysis: Fragrant Begonia fragrant and weak, and the intestinal softness is in vain. Hualuo Liushui worry is even more anxious, heartbroken are all lovers. Begonia flower is also called heartbroken flower and Jieyu flower. It symbolizes the sentimentality at parting. Begonia flowers appeared in your dream the day before the test , which reminded you that the test might be disadvantageous.