Dreaming of a trowel means that after experiencing the ups and downs of your career, you have developed an excellent confrontation ability, which will make a strong rebound in the unsatisfactory career, and poverty will leave you as a result.

Dreaming of a rusty or damaged shovel indicates that bad luck will accelerate the pace of progress, forming a siege on you, and finally chasing you.

The shovel in the dream symbolizes a tool to help you achieve your goals, and implies that you are busy with your work recently.

Dreaming of a small shovel used for shoveling soil in the garden implies that the dreamer is doing business and paying attention to life and work.

Dreaming of a worn and damaged shovel indicates that your hopeful thing will be hit hard.

Dreaming of a large shovel or shovel used for shoveling coal, etc., means that the dreamer usually works carefully and cautiously. It also implies that dreamers need to work cautiously to get results.

To dream of shoveling fertilizer indicates that you will live a colorful life.

Dreaming of shoveling sand indicates that you will experience stress and fatigue.

Original Dreamsmeaning Book

Dream shovel, Kyrgyzstan. Gold can be born, profit will be prosperous, be born as a son, family business will be prosperous, sickness will get rid of the body, and hope will be successful. However, the lost property is hard to find, the yin is the master. Menglin Xuanjie