Dreaming of preserved fruits is a sign of happiness and wealth.

When a girl dreams of preserved fruits, she will find a happy husband.

To dream of eating preserved fruits indicates that your interpersonal relationship will be very good and you will be happy every day.

To dream of eating dried fruits is a sign of happiness.

A woman dreams of dried fruits, she wants to get married at home.

A woman dreams of eating dried fruits, someone in the family is going to give birth to a child .

When a girl dreams of preserved fruits, she will find a happy husband.

Dreaming of ripe fruits means happiness and wealth.

Dreaming of unripe fruits symbolizes misfortune and suffering.

To dream of eating rotten fruits will lead to disasters.

Dreaming of the fruit on a withered tree will find treasure from a place no one knows.

Dreaming about fruit trees with fruitful fruits is a good sign. Imply that you will have a lot of wealth.

Entrepreneurs dream of fruit trees and will have a prosperous career in the future. If you are an office worker, you will be promoted.

Dreaming of phoenix trees means that the main character is noble and clean, the light of Shilin, and those who worry about wither early. The Lord has to meet the best friends.

Dreaming of a sea of ​​flowers in full bloom, you will be about to live your life.

Dreaming that corn grows very luxuriantly indicates that there will be good luck in the near future.

To dream of peeling off mottled corn ears indicates that you will usher in all aspects of success and happiness.

Dreaming of others collecting corn indicates that you will be happy for the success of your friends or relatives.