Dreaming of an officer symbolizes that your heart desires to be protected or is about to be protected.

Adults dream of military officers, they tend to be optimistic in their mental state, and their resistance has increased, but their life rhythms are somewhat random. Buttocks and thighs are still areas to be cared for.

Young people dream of military officers, and everything is going well in the near future, fame and fortune, but they are easy to fail if they don’t get too proud of themselves and are too proud.

The investor dreams of an officer, indicating that your fortune is good. It is possible to obtain funding from others. Entertainment venues are the easiest place for you to burn money.

To dream of becoming a soldier indicates that there will be a new turning point in the dreamer's life.

Dreaming that someone else becomes a soldier means that everything is in order on the dreamer's career journey.

Dreaming of soldiers standing guard means that the dreamer needs to be vigilant in his work to prevent villains from making trouble.

Dreaming of soldiers on vacation indicates that the dreamer is completely in a safe and harmonious environment.

Analysis of the case of an officer in a dream

Dream description: In my dream, I somehow went on a blind date with my mother . My mother asked me if an officer was good? I said yes, and then I married him. It seems to be the first day of marriage (because the officer is in the army, so there is no bridal chamber) I wrote on a paper napkin and scolded my boyfriend in reality. Scold him as a bastard, scold him for watching his beloved woman marry another man and so on. The scene later jumped to the computer, and he explained to me on QQ. What is not the time now, I have to bear with it a little longer. During this period, when I was with others, I was always sad and speechless. I opened my mouth every time, but I couldn't make a sound. The last time I went out with the officer, he drove me across a big ramp on a motorcycle. Suddenly, I missed the Samoyed I was at home, so I gestured to him and said that I wanted to go home and hug the dog. He stopped. We walked to a vending machine and I saw a cross stitch in the shape of a love heart. I picked up the cross stitch and started crying, and I could speak. I am embroidering for my boyfriend because of that cross stitch.

Dream analysis: dreaming of marrying an officer indicates that you desire to be protected. From your dream, you can see that you love your boyfriend very much, but you are also a little dissatisfied with him. You blame him for not protecting you well, so in your dream you marry an officer, but you are worried in your heart boyfriend. You might as well tell him bluntly that you want to be protected, depending on his attitude.