Jewelry is usually related to the meaning of identity, marriage, and femininity. Different jewelry has different meanings.

Generally speaking, a man dreams of jewelry indicates that household consumption expenditure will increase substantially.

When a married man dreams of wearing jewelry, he must pay attention to his wife's health and safety, which implies that his partner may pass away.

To dream of someone giving yourself jewelry indicates that the dreamer will be loved and respected by people.

If you dream of giving jewelry to others, you may have a sense of inferiority in the dreamer's heart and desire to fall in love.

When a woman dreams of giving jewelry to a man, it means that you are deeply attracted by him and eager to fall in love.

The girl dreamed that she was wearing jewelry, indicating that she would marry a rich man.

The wife dreams of many jewelry, or the husband buys jewelry for herself, implying that the husband will be prosperous and wealthy.

But if a woman dreams that she is wearing gold jewelry or nickel jewelry, it reminds you to care about your husband and pay attention to his health. Maybe your husband will be in trouble, financially embarrassed, or even die.

To dream of someone stealing jewelry indicates that the plan is destroyed and it is difficult to make a fortune in the near future.

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Jewelry generally refers to your possession or possible possession of some valuable content in life. If someone gives you jewelry, show respect to you. If you give jewelry to others, it means you have to provide certain items. The jewelry in the dream represents the characteristics you finally acquire through hardships. You know how to appreciate the characteristics that can be easily shown to others. Jewelry also symbolizes the love you give or get. If a woman gives jewelry to a man, it means that she feels deeply attracted to you.

Psychoanalysis: Jewelry in dreams often symbolizes the feelings you bring to yourself. Whether the jewelry is expensive, whether it is fake, whether it is just cheap fashion jewelry, these are all important. From this, you can infer your self-evaluation or others' evaluation of you.

Spiritual symbol: On the spiritual level, the jewelry in the dream symbolizes honor and self-esteem about vanity.