Dreaming about raincoats, foreshadows help in case of trouble.

Unmarried men and women dreamed of wearing raincoats and also expressed their desire to find lovers.

The prisoner dreamed of wearing a raincoat, heralding his hope for freedom soon.

The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

Dream raincoat. Those who dream of making raincoats are proud and wealthy. Dreamers grant raincoats, and the Lord has righteousness; dreams give raincoats to others, and they are righteous to cultivate virtue. Dreaming of raincoats on the body, is to find a name and choose. Dream set raincoats in suitcases, and Lord Rong was cheap. Dream raincoat is broken, although there is no shadow in the rain. The dream raincoat was dirty, and the Lord was from a foreign country for a long time. Dream raincoat exposure, the main wind and thunder main shock. Dream raincoat was burned by fire, and must be waterproof. Meng raincoat was wet, and there was a feast for wealth. Mysterious Dreams