Dreaming of a traffic police indicates that some of your recent behaviors have violated others, or have provoke others without noticing it.

A businessman dreams of traffic police directing traffic, indicating a good job fortune, and you will meet excellent managers to join your company.

Dreaming of traffic police fines, you will have a little trouble recently, and you will lose a little money.

Dreaming of a male traffic police smiling at you indicates that you will be promoted and you will be appreciated by your leader or boss.

A man dreams of a female traffic policeman, the workplace is smooth, the work enthusiasm is high, and the work efficiency is greatly improved.

A woman dreams of a female traffic policeman, she has nothing to do, and her busy work needs to be deployed with a reasonable plan, so as to be improved.

The driver dreamed of a female traffic policeman, he must be careful when driving . You have a strong adaptability, and some sudden changes can be easily resolved by you.

If you dream of a female traffic police greeting you, your love luck will improve, and the courage of singles to deal with love will win many opportunities for contact with the opposite sex.

If you dream that a female traffic policeman will give you a ticket, your wealth will decline, and you should not be too speculative in investment, otherwise you will face the misfortune of being locked up.

If you dream of falling in love with a female traffic policeman, you will get the love of your lover. Occasionally a well-designed date can give your lover extra points for your performance.