Mail represents the inextricable connections between people, and symbolizes a relatively simple relationship between people, rather than a complicated relationship.

Dreaming about emails, on the one hand, is a manifestation of daily work pressure, on the other hand, it implies crisis and changes.

Dreaming that you send emails represents your desire for communication, and it also symbolizes your current state of loneliness, or your desire for friendship.

Dreaming of sending emails indicates that some friends who don't usually have much contact will have contact with each other recently.

If you dream of sending emails with your lover, it means that your love luck is going to rise.

Dreaming of you sending an email with a stranger indicates that your interpersonal relationship is going to get better.

Dreaming that the e-mail has not been sent out will be bad luck.

Dreaming that you click "send" in a hurry implies that in your life or work, you are often worried about the ideas you communicate with others, or the content of the communication is imperfect or wrong, but once the email is sent, you can't take it back.

Dreaming of "deleting" an email symbolizes that you are subconsciously, hoping to erase the person or information that annoys you, or your own negligence caused by negligence, from your consciousness.

Dreaming of emails being bounced back implies that you may subconsciously wish to prevent the other party from knowing certain situations.

But if you dream of sending emails constantly, the computer always prompts that there is an error in the emails, making you very anxious. Such a dream expresses your anxiety in the interpersonal relationship and implies that you are with someone who is very important to you. , There may be barriers to communication; or once close relationships are becoming alienated.