To dream that you have transferred your job indicates that the dreamer is not very satisfied with the current job and has a sense of urgency.

Dreaming of someone mobilizing to work indicates that the dreamer's interpersonal relationship is in a state of affairs, and the luck of making friends is low.

Dreaming of applying for a job change indicates that the dreamer cannot adapt to the current job.

To dream of working hard to mobilize work for others indicates that the dreamer is an enthusiastic person and can considerate and care for family and friends.

A woman dreams that her husband transfers work, her husband's work or career will have great development, and the married life will be harmonious and happy.

The following is the psychological explanation of dreaming about transfer work:

The transfer of work in the dream usually means that the dreamer is dissatisfied with the current work environment. It may be that the work is under pressure, or it may feel that the current work is very boring and want to change to a new work environment. When such a dream occurs, the dreamer must analyze carefully whether it is his own problem or his own life goal. At this time, it is best to communicate with relatives and friends. Their suggestions will be very helpful to you. \

Psychological dream interpretation

Dream interpretation: Transfer means a change in life. Dreaming that transfer represents good or bad cannot be generalized. Mobilization is good and bad in the dream.

Psychoanalysis: A man dreams that he has transferred a job, and will raise his job and raise his salary. Dreaming that someone transfers work, you may suffer losses, and you may be unemployed. To dream of applying for a job change is an ominous omen, and you may encounter sadness and disaster. Dreaming of working hard to transfer work to others may create a gap with friends. A woman dreams that her husband mobilizes work, and her husband and wife live in harmony and happiness. The prisoner dreamed that he was transferred to another prison and would soon be released from prison.

Case study of dreaming about university

Dream description: A middle-aged Ms. Wei dreamed that the unit would transfer some people to another unknown unit. That unit was in the country. She was also called out by name and said that her husband was transferred with her. Because she didn't know whether it was good or bad, she also asked the head of their personnel. In the dream, she cried very sadly, and after waking up, she still felt very sad.

Dream analysis: First of all, from the perspective of the dream, although I feel sad in the dream, it is an auspicious dream. Moving abroad means improving the situation, so good things will happen, and dreamers may encounter noble people in the near future. He will fulfill the dreamer's wishes, such as promotion. But if you don't get it right, there will be people who prevent the dreamer from getting promoted. It depends on the husband of the dreamer. The dreamer must unite closely with him, treat each other frankly, and realize their wishes together. This dream is mixed, but it's man-made. As long as the dreamer doesn't worry about it, the future is bright.