Vomiting will spit out excess and restore balance. In business, the key to success is to grasp the balance of various things, and also to strive to maintain a balanced state. So in the dream, they are equal between them.

  Dreaming about vomiting means that life and work make you unable to adapt, you need to leave for a period of time, or change your lifestyle. Such a dream is usually interpreted as a long journey. It does not necessarily mean that you have to go far away, but you must leave your original self and your original life.

  Men dream of vomiting and succeed easily.

  If you dream of eating and vomiting, it means that you spit out the dirty things, and your health will soon be better.

  Women dream of vomiting. According to traditional saying, their career is to carry on the line, and vomiting means pregnant .

  Pregnant women dream of vomiting mean that the delivery will be smooth.

  The patient dreamed that he was vomiting, which was a good sign and he was healthy.

  The crew dreamed that they were vomiting, which was an auspicious sign, and the sailing would be successful.