Dream cry cry, good omen, life will be happy.

To dream of crying, there will be good luck.

To dream that you can’t cry, your career development will go smoothly.

A case study of crying in a dream

Dream description: We often cry in dreams. This is often a reaction of people's grievances, sadness, depression and other emotions in dreams in real life. In the daytime, we may ignore these emotions for various reasons, or have realized it but cannot vent them normally, so we express them in dreams. Of course, what kind of emotions are expressed requires specific analysis of specific dreams. The following is a dream sent by two readers.

I am a girl, 24 years old, work is easy, basically no work pressure. The dream I had last night was: I kept crying, and my family could not stop it with many methods. In the end, it took a lot of setbacks to bring me to my niece’s grave and burned her money before I stopped crying. My niece passed away just over a month ago. She used to have a good relationship with me and liked me very much. After she left, I would miss her every day. In addition, I had a dream the night after her burial. I dreamed that she was talking to me. She said she was gone. I told her that I would take care of her parents and let her rest assured.

Dream analysis: The crying in this dream expresses a feeling of missing and sad for the loss of a loved one. Because "My niece has just passed away more than a month, and I used to have a good relationship with me. I miss her every day.".

The reader actually mentioned two dreams. Judging from the chronological order in reality, "I also had a dream the night after she was buried" happened before. This dream expresses the fact that the dreamer has psychologically accepted the death of his niece.

And "the dream I had last night" is a ritual for the dreamer to bid farewell to his sadness. That is to say, although the dreamer has psychologically accepted the fact that his loved one has passed away , the sad emotion of losing his loved one still exists. The dream last night shows that the dreamer has begun to get rid of this emotion.

I am a 24-year-old girl working as a secretary in a computer company.

I often cry in my dreams. When I wake up, I will find that I really wet my pillow (very frequently). I have often dreamed of her since my grandma passed away. What's more, sometimes I dreamed that my grandma stood at the door of my bedroom and said: "I'm back." I'm very troubled. The feeling in my dream is not afraid, but very depressed. I want to cry for some reason. I want to cry happily. The tears are like rain but I can't cry. , It feels terrible.

Perhaps the above reasons make it very difficult for me to get up early in the morning. It always seems to be between half asleep and half awake. Fortunately, I am young and energetic. I don’t feel ill at work during the day, but I often feel dizzy.

Looking at the dreamer's description of his dream as a whole, it feels like the dreamer is like a newborn baby . Babies cry most of the time and won't get up by themselves. In infancy, if one of his needs is not met, he will cry loudly.

The dreamer himself thinks about whether he sometimes presents a kind of childishness similar to an infant, especially when his wishes are not fulfilled. This may be because you did not get a certain need in your infancy (such as the love of an adult). Satisfaction is deposited in the subconscious mind. Who hindered the satisfaction of your needs? It was your grandma. Although she has passed away, the feeling she left for you is still there. As soon as she shows up, you can't cry anymore, and it feels very depressing.