The Buddhists regard hair as a symbol of troubles in the world. In dreams, hair means doom.

  Dreaming of hair growing on your face, unexpected disaster will come to you. ( Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams )

  Dreaming that your hair covers your face, making you invisible to the dream in front, is also a big dream.

  Dreaming that your hair is getting longer means you have more misfortune, or you get sick, or you are poor.

  And if you dream about someone else's hair growing, it means that you think about this world, thinking that everyone's life is more and more trouble.

  Dreaming of his short hair means that the doom is short-lived and will soon pass.

  Combing your hair with a comb means that you can sort out your bad luck, handle bad things in an orderly manner, and live a happy and comfortable life.

  Dreaming of black hair means full vitality, fertility, and mental energy.

  Dreaming that you have white hair means sorrow and sorrow.

  Dreaming of your baldness means that your vitality is declining and something annoying will happen. If you are an elderly person or a patient, and you do this, you are close to death.

  But dreaming about bald head and growing hair means that the disease will be cured, which is a good news to inform.

  Dreaming that his hair is messy or tangled, it indicates that there will be a triangle dispute.

  Knotted hair indicates a recent trip.

  Dreaming of broken hair is no trouble.

  Women dream of hair, but the meaning is different. Because women are in a subordinate position in the family, if doom is interpreted as obedience to the husband, then this doom is the woman's duty.

  Therefore, women dream of long hair, which means that the couple is loving and happy forever.

  Zhougong Stock Market

  Dreaming that hair grows on the face, the stock market suggests not to be whimsical, sell it! Otherwise you will lose a lot of money.