Dreaming of someone else bleeding indicates that you have recently been overworked and stressed, and that the dreamer should pay attention to rest and adjust.

Dreaming of someone else bleeding , but happy in your heart, implies that you are hostile to that person or have a desire to attack him.

To dream of stabbing someone with a knife and splashing blood on yourself. By helping the person in the dream, you can get signs of belongings.

Dreaming of someone dying in blood, operating a lot of assets, and unreservedly exerting one's abilities.

To dream of bleeding from oneself or others indicates that the mind or body is in extreme fatigue, and reminds the dreamer to pay attention to rest;

Dreaming that the ground is full of blood indicates that the dreamer's alertness to the enemy is heightened, and he must be more careful and cautious in doing things;

To dream of bleeding from surgery due to illness indicates that the dreamer is worried and dissatisfied with the work;

Dreamed of blood flow into the river, to be a harbinger of fortune, but the woman did this dream, live in the area will appear epidemic.