Dream of parting family back to loved ones, family or co-signs will go to the dreamer's life.

  Dream and separation of family, will encounter close relatives or friends.

  Dream family cried in the near future will house ominous things happen, losses or cause for concern emerge.

  All family members gathered in a dream house, disputes arise between family, leading to bad luck thing family separation occurs.

  Dream of all family members, which means jobs and problems of trouble.

  Dream with his family to eat , express kit full day you will be a spate of recent income, but pay attention not because of impulsive and chaotic shopping , wasting your hard-earned money.

  Dreaming of eating at home with family means that money is up. Expect increasing income, more than enough in your pocket. However, be careful not to buy something useless with a urge.

  Dreamed of his family were killed, he represents the home to increase the population.

  Family dream corpse , suggesting that some people may get sick at home, or family relationship discord; but for the love of men and women, the family dream corpse refers to the other party is not sincere.

  Dreaming that the whole family went to relatives' homes together, saying that friendship was better. There will be an elder who cares about you in particular, as long as he is honest and relative, it will definitely help you.

  Dream family was killed, suggesting the recent good luck friend, things will be carried out by friends for their support and help, are Xiangzhao.

  Dreaming that your parents are killed indicates that you want to break away from your parents ’restraint or protection in the subconscious, and want to live an independent and free life. Communicate well with your parents, let them know more about their ideas, and believe that your parents will give you the best help.

  Dream family kill others, indicates that the recent bad fortune, your life may be filled with sorrow, is ominous.

  Dream of a family killed defenseless people, indicates that the recent good fortune, will backgammon body, but have to pay to work hard.