To dream that the parted family members will return to their loved ones and will go to the home of the person in the dream or live together.

To dream of being with separated family members means that you will meet close relatives or friends.

To dream of family members crying with their heads in arms indicates that something ominous will happen at home in the near future, loss will occur or something worrying will occur.

To dream that all the family members gather in one house, there will be disputes between the families, leading to family separation and other unlucky things.

Dreaming of all family members means that there is a problem at work and you are in distress.

Dreaming of eating with your family means that your recent income will be filled with one after another, but you must be careful not to buy things randomly because of impulse , which wastes your hard money.

Dreaming of having dinner with family members at home indicates that money fortune is increasing. It can be expected that the income will continue to increase, and there is more than enough in the pocket. However, be careful not to buy useless things on impulse.

To dream that your family member was killed indicates that the family wants to increase the population.

Dreaming about the corpse of the family member implies that someone in the family may be sick or the family relationship is not harmonious; for men and women in love, dreaming of the corpse of the family member means that the other party is not sincere.

To dream that the whole family will visit relatives together, which means that the friendship fortune is better. There will be an elder who is particularly concerned about you. As long as you are frank, it will definitely help you.

Dreaming of family members being killed indicates that your friends will have good luck in the near future, and you will get support and help from your friends in the things you are doing, which is a good omen.

Dreaming of your parents being killed indicates that you subconsciously want to break away from the shackles or protection of your parents, and you want to live an independent and free life. I suggest you not to worry. This is not a dream but a sign of self-growth. You can Communicate with your parents well, let them know more about their thoughts, and believe that your parents will give you the best help.

Dreaming of family members killing others indicates that your recent fortunes are bad, and your life may be full of sadness, which is an ominous omen.

Dreaming of a family member killing a person who is unable to resist indicates a good fortune in the near future. You will be able to build yourself up, but you will have to work hard.