Dreaming of plum trees means that the disease will be cured.

  Dreaming of plum blossoms opening, said that he would be welcomed by the public.

  Dreaming that white plum blossoms are auspicious, red plum blossoms are unlucky.

  If it is a plum blossoming scene, there will be bitterness.

  Dreaming of plum blossoms is the manifestation of perseverance in the dreamer's heart.

  Dreaming of blooming spring plums shows that after hard work, the dreamer can finally get out of trouble and achieve career success.

  Dreaming of the plum blossoms of Aoxue indicates that dreamers will be welcomed and trusted by people.

  The original Zhou Gong interpretation of dreams

  Dream plum tree, Kyrgyzstan. This dream is usually dreamed by beauties. The person who dreams of this is the ice muscle jade bone, which has the color of the country. Mysterious Dreams

  Case Study of Dreaming of Plum Trees

  Description of Dreamland: In my dream last night I dreamed that the plum tree was full of flowers of various colors, a beautiful mood, it is a very old and ancient tree, the plum blossoms in bloom are quite beautiful, many colors, and The plum tree is spectacular, and I can only use it to describe it, because no such picture has ever appeared in reality or imagination. This ancient tree traces hundreds of years of history. Continuing for several generations, there are also related to this. The character of the ancient plum tree is very mysterious. I don't understand how I had such a dream. I would like to know what is the meaning behind it?

  Dream Analysis: Tree is the primitive structure of a person's inner life. The plum tree in the dream represents the tree of life of the dreamer, which means that the dreamer can effectively exert his talent and shape his life in various fields.

  The plum blossom is the most evocative flower in the Chinese people's heart. Because it is not afraid of winter, Aoxue is open, and the fragrance is elegant, it is often used by people with integrity.

  The plum blossom in the dream symbolizes the tenacious character and the success of entrepreneurship, and it is also the embodiment of the perseverance in the dreamer's heart.

  This dream shows that after a hard start, you can finally get out of the predicament and achieve business success.

  Many colors generally reflect an optimistic attitude.

  The history of the plum tree generally indicates the past teachings and beliefs, which can lead the dreamer to become more perfect.