Dreaming of tomatoes and good luck foreshadows happiness in life.

  Dream of eating tomatoes, the body will be very healthy.

  The patient dreamed of eating tomatoes, and soon healed.

  The prisoner dreamed of eating tomatoes and would soon be released from prison.

  Dreaming of a rotten tomato is an ominous sign and will be doomed.

  Dreamed of selling tomatoes and being humiliated.

  Dreamed of buying tomatoes, and soon the guests would come.

  Dreaming of harvesting tomatoes, happy events are coming.

  Men dream of eating tomatoes, meaning good luck.

  Married woman dreams that eating tomatoes means good health.

  The unmarried woman dreamed of eating tomatoes, which meant marrying a strong husband.

  Unmarried men dream of eating tomatoes and will marry a gentle and considerate wife.

  Psychological Dream Interpretation

  Psychoanalysis: Dreaming that the tomato symbolizes the head of the Red Fortune means that the dreamer's life and career will take a new level.

  Spiritual Symbol: From a psychic perspective, the tomato symbolizes luck. The tomato symbolizes red luck.