Dreaming of goji berries means that you have good luck in the near future and your wishes come true.

Dreaming of goji berries means that the official will be prosperous.

The candidate dreams of wolfberry, which indicates that the test score is good.

The single aristocrat dreamed of goji berries, indicating a good fortune in the near future.

Case analysis of dreaming about wolfberry

Dream description: A pregnant woman dreamed of seeing a wolfberry garden and picking wolfberries. At the beginning, she picked them by herself. After a while, many people helped me pick them. Both pockets of my coat were filled. The wolfberries were green, red and ripe. It's very thorough. Among the people who helped me pick wolfberry, there is a girl named Yunyun who has a very clear face. Please help me to explain it.

Dream analysis: wolfberry is a blind tonic. Pregnant women dream of wolfberry, which means that the pregnant woman is healthy and the fetus in the abdomen is developing well. It is a good dream.